Sometimes wing it!

17 September 2012

Artwork by me  // Perfect quote, perfect model - my dog Salli.

I was going through my old photo archives and I found this goofy photo of my dog Salli. It was taken about two years ago when I had some girlfriends over for drinks and we were all wearing these little paper crowns. And of course Salli was wearing one as well. Then today, I came across this quote on pinterest and thought it would be a perfect match with this photo. She's always winging it, I'm the one planning. Hopefully I'll get a chance to print this for my work room - to remind me to wing it a bit more often!



7 September 2012

Description of Photo
Description of Photo

I love vintage fonts and this 1930's inspired RPM 45 font really tickles my fancy. I'm a sucker for simplicity and this font really delivers that. It's clean and easy to read. Yet it maintains the 30s art deco vibe without any extra bells and whistles. The font is created by the Infamous Foundry and I warmly recommend to check out their other fonts too.



Boutique - where art meets fashion

30 August 2012

Description of Photo
Description of Photo
Description of Photo

On Wednesday night me and my friend Anna visited an exhibition called Boutique over at Amos Anderson gallery in Helsinki. The exhibition combines fashion, art, dance and music in the most intriguing way. And oh boy, I loved all of it!!! 

The whole show has been created in the spirit of collaboration and community. Five teams – each consisting of an artist and a designer – have created joint works of art. The teams are Paola Suhonen–Mikko Ijäs, Katja Tukiainen–Samu-Jussi Koski, Tero Puha–Teemu Muurimäki, Salla Salin–Timo Rissanen and Minna Parikka–Jani Leinonen.

So if you're in Helsinki this autumn, make this exhibition a must visit! The exhibition is open until 12 November.


Oh wow!

8 August 2012

Time has just flow by! It's been a good couple of months since I last logged in on my blog. But I finally feel that the time is right. The whole spring was just full of ups and downs, dealing with the past and getting used to being just on my own.  But hey, I survived! 

Lots has happened in the last couple of months - I've moved to a new home and a completely new neighborhood (LOVE it!!), I've made new friends, my hair is getting longer, I've thrifted to my hearts content, I took a trip to Canada, I've been to a few good gigs, witnessed friends getting married, worked my ass off, lost a little bit of weight ... and so the list continues. It's been nice doing things just for myself. 

Some recent mobile snapshots.



22 March 2012

Description of Photo

Hi sweeties! I hope you're all having a good week! I came across this yummy free font, Intro, today when I was reading my news feed from Linkedin. Oh yay, more candy to add in my font directory! I'm a sucker for geometric simple fonts like this!


Helsinki street style - top 5

19 March 2012

Are you familiar with HEL-LOOKS? I'm such a fan! Their blog is dedicated to the streets of Helsinki and it's amazingly stylish people. The site was started in 2005 by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen and it's been a big hit ever since.

About a year ago I picked my fave looks with Helena, so I thought I'd do the same this year as well. Our city's streets aren't any less stylish than last year and I had real difficulties picking my faves. We are definitely no longer the tracksuit nation that we've sometimes been called - Finns are STYLISH, UNIQUE AND PURE AWESOME! Check it out for yourself!

Description of Photo


It's never too late...

15 March 2012 dream big! This winter has been such a roller coaster but it seems that some things are slowly falling into place. At least in my head. I lost my ability to dream for a while... which to me is almost like losing hope. But it seems it's coming back to me.

The best part about dreaming and dreaming BIG is that you get all this motivation. It almost feels like my motivation was stored somewhere for a couple of looooong weeks and now it's been released back into the universe. What a wonderful feeling! 

Ps. The photos are an experiment with the Picfx galactic filter on my iPhone photos.


Jewelry I heart today

13 March 2012

Vintage coral and brass necklace // Sparkle Farm

My peachy coral infatuation continues! Isn't this Sparkle Farm vintage coral and brass necklace pure loveliness!? It's like a one big fat bright smile! I think this pretty would look adorable with a white flowy silk blouse, some skinny denim jeans and cute flats. Oooh I'm picturing myself wearing it all already! May spring come!


Color crush - peachy and green

12 March 2012

COLOR INSPIRATION // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Oooh I'm so in love with this Ekaterina Koroleva illustration! The colors really hit spot for me! I'm a complete sucker for peachy pinks, olives and sea-foam greens. These are, however, colors that I very rarely wear. I should though... but I'm slightly worried I'll look goofy in color. I have no issue playing with color when it comes to accessories, but wardrobe pretty much consists of blacks and stripes. Boring, I know. Maybe I'll surprise myself this spring and start being a bit more adventurous! 

Ps. The fonts I've used in this post are called Wiegel Latein (script) and Yeseva One (display), and guess what - they're both free to download!