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31 December 2010

Yesterday we got a Stylish blogger Award from our beautiful blogger pal Lindsay from the Scenic Glory. How exciting!  

Here are the rules

1. Thank the person who gave you this award
2. Tell 7 facts about yourself
3. Pass the love on and let them know that you've given them this award


PhotobucketThank you Lindsay for giving us a great way to end 2010 and kick off all the fun we have in store for 2011! We're sending lots of ♥ your way! We love your inspirational boards and are positive that anyone who has read your blog, agrees what a pretty soul you are! Those who haven't yet visited Scenic Glory, we warmly recommend to do so :)You will love it!
  1. We love vintage - the history and the stories behind each piece. True love never dies.
  2. Art and photography is big part of us. We both love beautiful pictures.
  3. What's life without cute pieces of earrings? We love big things and small things and we definitely love jewelry.
  4. We think life is fun and fashion is fun. We love fashion and we want to play with the trends.
  5. We're so excited about 2011! We have a feeling that it will be a good one.
  6. Every visitor is important to us; we love to get feedback. This blog is for you our dear readers!
  7. Sharing is caring!


We've decided to pass on the love to 5 bloggers who have supported us and lightened our days with beautiful comments. So here you are ladies, you all deserve a Stylish blogger award!

Lynn from hearted girl

The Littlest Polly
Polly from the littles polly
Lulu from Lulu and the Style
Jen from slumber DESIGNS

Xhulja from Prize Zero

Happy 2011 sweethearts!
Lots of ♥
Mervi and Helena

Floral Burst Top 5

30 December 2010

It's been a while since our last Top 5 post, so here you are
Floral Burst x 5 

Floral Burst Top 5
1. To-die-for Oscar de la Renta floral dress.
2. Super cute thread lace tattoo by Theresa Honeywell
3. Retro floral hair dryer from
4. Adorable floral costume jewelry by Talullah Tu
5. Clever suitcase chair by REcreate

And because we're just so nice, we're throwing in a little bonus -
some inspirational floral loveliness via weit

Mervi and Helena

Along came Polli

29 December 2010

We were so happy, when Soné Moriarty from Polli agreed to do a little interview with us! We have a bit of crush on her blog – shhh, don’t tell anyone! – so it was an easy decision to approach her as our blogger of the week. We just love her girly posts, always served with a little twist!

Polli blog is a space, where Soné shares her passion for crafts, handmade things, fashion, all things vintage, photography, graphic design and illustrations.

Beautiful Soné photographed by Jennifer Johnston-Clarke

When did you start Polli and how did it all start?

Polli started in 2008. A friend of mine Amanda Thomas from Here Comes The Sun got me started.

What's your favorite moment in your blogging history?
Probably being a guest blogger for Daydream Lily recently, as well as getting mentioned on Dujour magazine was a highlight.  

What would be your tip for beginner bloggers?
Blogging about things you’re passionate about is very important because you won't get tired of it. Make sure you visit all sorts of blogs and leave comments, that way people visit your blog and it's an easy way for them to find you. 

If you could make a wish for your blog in 2011, what would it be?
I'd love for the right person to come across my blog and offer me some opportunities within my creative skills. I guess getting mentioned within a magazine or perhaps start my own online store would be a good start. I have high expectations of 2011. 

We feature different vintage jewelry every day. What jewelry would you like to wear today?
This adorable ring from Stolen Girlfriends Club has a romantic twist to it. You can wear it with some black stilettos, black torn tights and a fur coat! Definitely a must have this season.

via Stolen Girlfriends Club

And speaking of jewelry, join Polli's amazing giveaway sponsored via Lisa Hoskins Fashion Jewellery - giveaway closes 10 January 2011.

via Lisa Hoskins Fashion Jewellery

If you'd like to nominate your or your friend's blog as the blog of the week featured on my best friend jules - drop us an email on

Soné! We 
♥ you!
Mervi & Helena

..and the trees glisten ♫♪♫

28 December 2010

I took some photos last weekend, when we were visiting my grandparents, and thought I'd share some with you. They live in the countryside, so all you can see is miles of snowy fields. It was definitely the most stunning Christmas I've had for a while and hrrrr, so cold! The thermometer was showing a whopping -32c, when I took these photos.

 I feel like wrapping myself in a blanket!
♥ Mervi

A full round year

27 December 2010

Have you ever thought about visualizing your calendar year? I've had several discussions about this with my friends and everyone seems to think about it a bit differently - it's quite interesting, actually!

My year is round, and the months pass by anti-clockwise. My Christmas is at 1 o'clock, where as New Years is at 12 o'clock. Then I go towards 9 o'clock, where I stop for midsummer. 6 o'clock is where the autumn starts. And then we're back to 1 o'clock. I also have colors for my seasons - I start with light blue pastels, then they turn greenish and yellow. Autumn is subtle tones of orange and red, and the more I go towards Christmas the color starts changing to light purple and blue. I think I will have to draw this one day - it would make an interesting piece of art!

Thinking about all this, I looked up some cute illustrated calendars to start the new year with. Oh, and my full year really starts in August/September, a funny thinking-habit from the school year times! Does any of you have the same?
2011 desktop calendar
by Michelle Brusegaard
2011 calendar
by be happy now

2011 animal portraits calendar
by Papersparrow
2011 wall calendar
by Jan Skácelík

Invincible summer 2011 calendar
by Nicole J. Georges
Sweetest sweets 2011 printable mini calendar
by Dream Loft Printables

Looking forward to 2011!
♥ Mervi

Ps. Our blog of the week is Polli!  Stay tuned for Wednesday :)

♥ Merry Christmas lovelies ♥

23 December 2010

Today we're slowing down for Christmas and travelling to our hometowns to spend time with our families. We won't be blogging for the next couple of days, so we want to wish you all a warm lovely Christmas! See you next week! :)
Ps. Eat lots of chocolates!

Blog of the week - HEL LOOKS

22 December 2010

Today we're kicking off our Blog of the week series! Starting from today, we will be featuring one of our favorite blogs each Wednesday. The plan is to do interviews, guest blogging, little joint projects etc.

Our first blog of the week is Finnish blog 
HEL LOOKS. We're both such HEL LOOKS fans, so we thought it'd be fun to share our all-time-favorite looks by the fabulous and funky Helsinki citizens.

For those who don't know what HEL LOOKS is, here's a little intro.

HEL LOOKS is a street style blog from Helsinki, documenting individual, unique looks and styles. The blog was started in July 2005 by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen. And it has definitely become one of people's favorite sources of inspiration - us included!


We'd love to hear what styles and looks inspire you! Or visit HEL LOOKS, pick your favorite look and post it in the comments! It's super fun!

Muchos muchos 
Mervi and Helena

Cool little things

21 December 2010

Ooooh! Jackpot! I just stumbled upon a great Australian vintage online store called Vintage Market. Their selection of vintage goodies - accessories, jewelry, gifts, toys, kitchenware - seems heavenly! The only thing missing is furniture, but I won't hold it against them. ;)

If you're still looking for a christmas present for a family member or friend (and getting desperate?!), check out their e-vouchers which can be sent to a nominated address with a cute note. I think this makes a perfect gift for someone who appreciates sustainable cool little things!


Ps. They also offer a possibility to join their High Society. The members have the privilege to preview new vintage finds and exclusive offers. Excellent!

...gone shopping ;)

Stay warm and be a cutie ;)

20 December 2010

It has been snowing all the time like Mervi wrote yesterday - winter wonderland is here with us! So I decided to introduce you a knitwear design team called Roboty Reczane. Design which feels really warm and cosy, but still pretty cool. I'm not a really big fan of knitewar (I still remember all my creepy jumpers from the 80's even though they can be really stylish now ;)), but Roboty Reczane's knitted bracelets with silver charms are quite cute. They have also nice ideas if you are crafty and want to make some jewellery or design yourself. Here are some examples. Stay warm and be a cutie ;)

Picture: Roboty Reczane
Picture: Roboty Reczane
Picture: Roboty Reczane

 Warm hugs, Helena

Perfect snowy Sunday inspiration

19 December 2010

It's been snowing like crazy this morning! We've got 17cm of snow on top of the 57cm we already had - can you imagine! And it still keeps coming! I'm definitely NOT going venture out there, so the plan is to spend the day on the couch, eat a bit of xmas chocolates in advance [oops!], snuggle with Salli and watch a movie.

And to top this day off, I found some perfect sleepy Sunday inspiration from an amazing French photographer
Maia Flore. She has captured the most magical atmosphere in her collection Sleep Elevations. These floaty photographs just make me want to dive into this dreamy fairylike world and forget about the snow chaos outside!

I would recommend visiting her diary as a source of inspiration too, she has some stunning photographs showcased on there.


All photos via Maia Flore.
Happy Sunday!
 ♥ Mervi

Designer Klaus Haapaniemi and Bubo Scandiacus

18 December 2010

I don't know how many of you know the designer and artist Klaus Haapaniemi? I really love his work, so I'm posting some of his works here. Haapaniemi has created prints for Diesel, Levi's Cacharel, Clements Ribeiro and Marimekko before establishing his own collection. He's got some modern prints, but also really cool folklore-type print designs. You should also check his shop! There are some really nice cushions!!! But yeah, damn expensive! There are also limited edition prints - signed and numbered. A really nice gift for that special someone :)

Picture via

Picture via

With love, Helena