Vintage Vogue Editorial

25 March 2011

Happy Friday sweethearts! While having my afternoon tea at the office and surfing the web, I came across this amazingly beautiful vintage UK Vogue fashion editorial from 1968 by David Bailey. I simply adore these photographs! Love the style, the vibe, the scenery... well, the EVERYTHING! If you want to see the whole editorial, pop over to adore vintage, where I spotted these.

I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! I'm off to the hairdresser to have my hair colored. I'm also thinking about a fringe! And when I'm looking at the photographs, I'm getting more and more convinced I should do it. And I just might! :) 
xox mervi

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2 lovely messages:

Carrie at La Rizada said...

holy hell, gorgeous pics! thanks for sharing, and good luck on your new haircut. post pictures!

isavirtue said...

you always seem to find such gems!

when you are at the salon, please also ask if they can do your eye lashes like that last picture, lol!

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