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6 April 2011

Happy Wednesday loves! We're so happy to introduce our blogger of the week Renée from ohrenée*design. She is one our absolute favorites due to her exquisite taste in vintage, adorable style and yummy food photographs. Her blog is such a pleasure to visit. If you don't know her yet, pop over to say hello. You'll notice that her blog is the sweetest thing!

And today, she's visiting here to share some of her dearest vintage finds. Bliss!
Thank you so much Renée! xox mervi and helena

I've had plenty of thrifting role models over the years (side note: why isn't "thrifting" a word yet?) from my own mom to close friends. All of these ladies have impacted my style and vintage love affair (it's always changing). My favorite treasures hold a special place in my heart and home, which is one of my favorite parts of thrifting....never knowing what you'll find and what memories it will remind you of! Items loved by someone else can be given a home and loved again once more....this is probably why every stray cat steals my heart... I just want to give everything a home and a little bit of love!

#1: My mismatched drinking glass collection started the summer before I got married. I was doing a lot of garage sale-ing at the time and kept running into all of these fabulous glasses! I couldn't resist and decided then and there that there was no need to register for drinking glasses, my eclectic collection would do the trick! These three are my favorites from that summer and have a special place on my kitchen shelf (so the husband doesn't break them when attempting to load the dishwasher. :)

#2: This lovely knitting case from forever and ever ago, loaded with vintage knitting needles to boot! I couldn't resist and it brings back such happy memories of growing up watching my mom knit. I just wish I had her talent!!!

#3: My owl collection..... there really are no words. Each of these little guys holds a special place in my heart. I have a happy memory finding or being gifted each and the numerous others that aren't pictured. They are by far my favorite thing to find and always remind me of my grandma and her collection of owls she had while I was growing up.

#4: This gorgeous gorgeous blue lamp (and it's twin on the other end table) have their homes in my living room. My darling friend Adrianne, who taught me some of her best thrifting secrets, gave me these last summer. They were her grandparents and hold a special place in my heart. Not only did she trust me with something so special, but they make me think of her every time I turn them on! I wish my vintage loving soul mate didn't live quite so far away.

#5: Oh goodness, this green chair is an absolute favorite. I stumbled upon it while I was still dating my husband, trucked it home all by myself in my little red car and inside his house. All by myself!! (I was so proud!) It's the perfect chair to sit in when he gets home from work... I sit and chat with him (usually with a doggie on my lap) while he cleans up. And the shade of green is so fun (and a bit brighter than the photo).

#6: Nothing is more personal (well other than a diary) than a woman's recipe box. I bought this from an estate sale three years ago and spent an afternoon pouring over the recipes, handwritten notes and memories that this lovely woman had treasured and saved. Love it.

#7: These are by far my favorite mixing bowls in my somewhat large Pyrex/Fire King collection. I found these the summer I got husband had intended to propose on a hot air balloon ride, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate that day so we had a romantic picnic at sunset instead and went on the hot air balloon ride the next weekend. I always think of that summer when I use these bowls and how much fun it was to be newly engaged! Sweet memories.

#8: I was SO happy when I found this globe a few months ago. I had wanted one forevvvvver, but couldn't seem to find the right one. This one has a place of honor on top of my record player in the  dining room. Quite often I spin it as I walk by or use it as a conversation piece during dinner. I love to travel and want to see the world...the husband and I use this globe to chart out our plans and destinations together.

Thanks for sharing a peek at some of my favorite thrifted treasures. I love reading about other peoples special finds too, it's amazing what kind of goodies are out there!! And a huge thank you to Mervi and Helena for having me over for a visit! They are such sweet ladies and I'm so completely honored to be their blogging friend! Lots of love, Renée

11 lovely messages:

Brooke said...

Fantastic post! I love number 6 :) I found her blog a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it!

Erin Wallace said...

I love Pyrex and globes (and how lucky to find the knitting case and needles)!

Nnenna said...

I love seeing other people's thrifted (agreed! why isn't this a word?!) finds- thanks for sharing Renée! I think the knitting needle case is amazing- I would love to find something like that and it would be cool to wonder what sort of projects the previous owners made with them =)

Michelle Clement said...

Inspiring goodness! :) I love her blog!!

Melanie said...

Your thrifting finds are beyond awesome.
I especially adore the recipe box. I had a tin index card box similar to this when I was in elementary school. They don't make them like this anymore...

Rachel said...

She really does have the best stuff - seriously! What a great post! Loved it!!! :D

Little Lo Hood said...

ooo! I love it all, I am really looking for a vintage recipe box to store all sorts of cute memories! :)

Christine Rose said...

I love this post! I'm in love with owls at the moment. I saw an owl for the first time last weekend. It was white and asleep (I'm assuming). It was perched at the highest point of a barn at a vineyard I was visiting. Magical!

Have a great weekend!


PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

yup... everything in this post is highly covetable! great collection of goodies!

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