1 April 2011

Hi loves! It's been such a hectic week for us so we're having a little breather this weekend. This means we'll be offline and enjoying some quiet time. I'm driving up north to visit my mum and the plan is to wear my home-pants all weekend, sleep well and eat momma's cookings. And see some of my hometown friends, of course. Pretty perfect, I say! So see you all on Monday! I hope you'll have a beautiful love-filled weekend. xox mervi

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5 lovely messages:

vintch said...

sounds downright magical! have a beautiful, blessed weekend!

Rachel Parker said...

It's nice to have a break from the blogging world every once & awhile. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chrissy said...

Enjoy your weekend!! xxx

Missy said...

Have a great weekend relaxing :-)

my best friend jules said...

hey loves! my weekend was super relaxing - just what I needed :)
xox mervi

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