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5 April 2011

I came across these super cute animal prints by Sharon Montrose while searching for inspiration and ideas for a new blog design I'm working on for our giveaway winner Laura. I just could not help but share them with you - because I think these little baby animals make you all say  a big "Aaaaaw"... they're just so darn cuddly :) Sweet dreams darlings! xox mervi

Ps. Watch out Laura, you may soon have cute baby animals all over your blog design :D

4 lovely messages:

Anya adores said...

OMG I adore these to the max - How awesome is the baby porcupine -want one at home immediately ♥
Just found your blog and I adore it, so following you, please come and see me sometime. If you like what I do I hope you'll follow me too ;O)
A xx

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

eee so cute! I love the simple styling of these prints - the porcupine is just the cutest! I'm so over the moon thinking you're working on my blog makeover...too cool.

Cat said...

I adore Sharon's prints...they just make me happy :) xx Cat

melody-mae said...

those are so cute!

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