A garden party with My Best Friend Jules - by bliss!

28 April 2011

Hey dear readers of My best friend Jules,

I'm Michaela of bliss! I make events and decorate parties + i blog about it. So, I thought for my guest post here I am going to do exactly that. I created an inspiration board for a garden party with my best friend Jules. I imagine a summery late afternoon, a few lovely ladies in vintage dresses, music playing from an old radio, a few sweet bites and homemade spiked lemonade and lots of pretty floral decor.

1. via Merriment Events, photography by Jodi Miller // 2. via Adore Vintage // 3. via Rachel Whiting Photography // 4. via Merriment Events, photography by Jodi Miller // 5. via Amy Atlas // 6. via Ruche Lookbook, photography by Stephanie Williams // 7. via Gideon Photography // 8. via Alison Miksch // 9. via Pottery Barn // 10. via Ruche Lookbook, photography by Stephanie Williams  // 11. via Once Wed // 12. via Kathryn Leach Home // 13. dresses via Modcloth // 14. via Vintage Technology // 15. & 16. via OK Versand // 17. via A stunning affair

Hope you feel a bit inspired and maybe create a party like this someday. If you do, send me some pictures of it. I'd love to see them.


6 lovely messages:

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

love those printed dresses! so pretty :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Maia McDonald said...

This would be a lovely inspiration board for a casual summer wedding! it's just beautiful.

cb said...

oh wow! i want to go to this party!!!! perfect in every single way!!!!


posidanielle said...

sounds so magical! i would love it!

StarletStarlet said...

gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. make me smile to look at it, and make me want to jump to my garden, clean up, and decorate to have a nice sunday brunch with friends.

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