Jewelry (box) we heart today

8 April 2011

Vintage glass box by Maison Paulette
Hi lovelies! As you know we feature different jewelry every day, but I couldn't resist pending the rules a little bit (second time this week!) when I came across this lovely jewelry box. This pretty jewelry box deserves to be shared with the world, don't you agree! I love how simple and elegant it is - very poise. In fact, all Maison Paulette vintage items are so beautiful. It is such a pleasure to visit her shop, because there's eye candy everywhere. The way she has displayed all her items is pure art. You should definitely pay her a visit! Have a beautiful day! xox mervi

2 lovely messages:

Renee B. said...

This is gorgeous! So simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing! You always find the best stuff!!

patience said...

i would never have thought this could be used as a jewelry box! (i should really open my mind to other objects seeing as i have a disturbing amount of jewelry and no where to put it!

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