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9 April 2011

Waiting for the Phone to Ring choker necklace by Tina Tarnoff
I was just getting my daily dosage of Elsie's Beautiful Mess and I spotted a cute sponsor ad, in her sidebar, by papercut artist and jewelry maker Tina Tarnoff. Oh and I'm so happy I did, because her work is simply adorable! For example this black and white choker necklace is the sweetest thing! If you love playful yet classic jewelry, you should definitely pop over to her shop. You'll fall in love! 
xox mervi

3 lovely messages:


Hello lovely ladies! And oh my goodness this necklace is SO lovely, pretty & full of charm. Off to check out more of her work. Happy weekend to you both. xx veronika

Lisa said...

That is the most gorgeous necklace ever!

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

i am in love w/ this necklace! in L O V E I tell you!

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