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24 April 2011

Akong inca style necklace
Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday! I thought I'd log-in and say hello after a quiet day at the blog yesterday. We're over at my mum's place, housesitting and taking care of her cat, while she's holidaying in Prague. It's been so relaxing and the weather is niiiiice! Two more days of countryside living and then we're back to the city.

But what do you think about this beauty? I'm in love with inca style, the colors and the soft little pom-poms. I'd wear this in a heart beat! I think I would dress it casually with a black tanktop and jeans. What would you wear it with? xox mervi

7 lovely messages:

Kate Weber said...

That is an adorable, unique necklace! I love it!

Simply Kate

Moe said...

I totally love this! I love the style of this necklace.

Happy weekend :)

patience said...

i adore necklaces that tie behind the neck with a ribbon


I love the colors in that necklace! It'd even look great with a LBD.
Twitter @theloudermouth

Cat said...

Love the bright, fun colors!

Happy kitty-sitting :)

xx Cat brideblu

cb said...

that necklace is amazing!!!! what a great use of those poms! and i love that it looks tribal yet guys have the best jewelry!!


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