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20 April 2011

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I'm the author of Atlantic Atlantis! Today I bring you a confession: I am disorganized. And this problem is magnified by my lack of space! Until I can afford my giant dream home, I am forced to think of creative ways to keep all of my things from ending up in one big pile.

Nothing suffers more than my jewelery. I always end up throwing my necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on my bookcase or desk. BIG MISTAKE. Lost or tangled - it is not how I want to treat some of my most favourite posessions.

So I went on a hunt. A hunt for some creative (and cheap, please) ways to keep my jewelery from ending up in a big mess. Or lost in the abyss which is my room. These are the results of my search.


I love the idea of taking a simple cutlery organizer, gluing on some little knobs, covering the back with scrapbook paper and TA-DA! A new gorgeousss, place to hang necklaces.


This beauty is an antique print drawer! I've heard of people coming across these at thrift stores, though I myself have never spotted one (have you? Is that a thrift myth?). This organizer is like a piece of art to me, so magnificent!


I think this one is my favourite! Wooden hangers with small hooks drilled into them - the simplicity is what has me. That and the fact that I could hang this anywhere! Heck, I could take the whole hanger into the bathroom with me when I'm getting ready. Love it.

via Country Living
This organizer is fashioned from an old rake! Its tines are like little hooks from which you can hang necklaces or bracelets from - HOW CLEVER.


This DIY cork-board is too neat! Hot glue some corks together on a board, add a few pins, and you've got yourself a wonderful new jewelery organizer (and a conversation piece for sure!).

Well I hope you enjoyed brainstorming jewelery storage ideas as much as I have! To be honest, before I started searching for DIYs, the best I could come up with was some thumbtacks in the wall! Now my mind is brimming with different possibilities. I hope yours is too. :)

Come by my blog sometime soon and see what I end up creating! Be sure to say hello!
xox Sarah

9 lovely messages:

Missy said...

The cutlery draw one looks so cute!! I tend to just hang them on my wardrobe doorhandles but there is so much now that they get all tangled!! Great ideas!

Happy Kathy said...

OYAOYOYOYOYOYOY!!!No 5 is soooooo awesome-pretty-I want to do it!!!xexexe

AlbeeLucky said...

Amazing ideas. Mine are tucked away in a box and are hardly used because I can't see them. These are fantastic ideas to display a few in my room. Thanks for the post.


Cat said...

What a fun collection of ideas! I currently store my jewelry in vintage jewelry boxes but really like the idea of bring it out to the open where it can be enjoyed (and more likely to be worn as I will actually see it as I am scrambling to get ready in the morning!)

Lovely guest post...off to check out your blog now!

xx Cat brideblu

Sarah said...

Aw, it has been such a pleasure to sponsor your blog. Glad you liked the guest post! ♥

pocketwonders said...

I have something similar to number 5 right now for my jewelery, except I'm just using a normal corkboard.

Loving number three! that's such a neat idea!

Circus Daily said...

There's nothing better then displaying pretty jewellery in a pretty way...a friend of mine, super glued vintage tea cup's to her top drawer. She'd then sort her things into each. The "bird's eye view" of each of the vintage cups was gorgeous, even without the jewellery.

Great blog...I'm a new follower....pop by mine and follow along?

Enjoy your week

Renee B. said...

Looooooove Sarah! What an awesome idea for a post! Ahhh! I think EVERY girl has this problem. And I have one of those print drawers underneath my bed-think I just figured out what to do with it. BAM! :)

victoria hughes said...

oh i am so making a cork board now haha love that last one!

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