Oh happy day!

14 April 2011

I came home from work today... tired and a bit cranky. But that was soon swept away when I noticed a parcel on the kitchen table! Oh yay, my super sweet owl tote bag from Positively Positive had arrived :) Thank you so much Danielle - I love my new bag and the surprise hair accessory you had included! You're such a sweetheart, muah! xox mervi

Unwrapping my Positively Positive package

5 lovely messages:

posidanielle said...

omgosh I am so happy that you got it! That makes me so happy! I have been stressing out about it for some time now! Yay!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

SOoo cute! I love that clip/headband. Looks great on ya!

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

oh, how cute! Isn't it the best when you have a sweet little package waiting for you? It's amazing how quickly your attitude changes:)

Chrissy said...

Yay, wonderful! I love Danielle's shop!!! You look gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

Aw, that bag is so lovely! Those colours are so beautiful.

I love when happy mail turns your day around. ♥

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