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27 April 2011

Hi loves! I'm dropping in for a quick hello before going to bed, because I have some exciting news to  share and I just couldn't wait until tomorrow. So (drum roll!) I've just opened Design by Wushka for blog design projects! Design by Wushka will be my creative space for sharing my blog design work and daily inspirations. I'd love for you to take a peek and see what you think! And don't be shy to contact me, if you want to commission me for a blog revamp project. I'd love to work with you! xox mervi

Design by Wushka

12 lovely messages:

Nicole Jeannette said...

Cool! Can't wait to check it out!

Chrissy said...

Awesome! Congrats!!! Yay xxx

cb said...

yayayay how exciting! can't wait to see your work!!


Love.it.like.LuLu said...

Oooh congratulations! Cant wait to see more :)

Sar xx

patience said...

sent the link to a friend who mentioned an interest!


Zoe said...

Oooooh I love this pretty blog! And congrats!! Thats supercool + exciting!! xo

Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh how fun, congrats! Looks fab! Love k

Krystal said...

huge congrats!!!

Keri said...

WooHoo!Your going places Beautiful Girl! So excited for you ♥
xxx-Keri Bohemian Backbone

Cat said...

Yea Mervi! This is awesome! You seriously rock and I am so proud of you for "offically" getting a blog for your design work!

Your #1 fan :)

xx Cat brideblu

my best friend jules said...

Thank you sweethearts! Your support means the WORLD to me!!! :)
xox mervi

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