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7 April 2011

We are moving to a new home (or at least it's new for us) and I'm so excited, because this means DECORATING, DESIGNING AND PLANNING. Happy happy, joy joy! And who remembers all the hard work; the packing, wrapping, moving, unpacking and sweating. Not me! It's not so important - we can manage it somehow. Hih!

Anyway, I have stalked ideas from blogs (thank you all :)), magazines and websites. My plan is to buy just one thing from a store; sofa. Everything else is going to be second hand. That's a promise! I found this nice website via my friend Elina. It's called Apartment Therapy and there are lot's of small and big ideas which don't need so much money...suits us perfectly.

Here is a one idea which I want to do. It's from great blog called Arrow & Apple! Have a beautiful day!  Lots of hugs, Helena

Pictures via Arrow & Apple

8 lovely messages:

cb said...

congrats on the move! that is so exciting! that honeycomb shelf is really awesome! yes you must do that and then it might inspire me to do it too!!


Slidecutter said...

Wow...great idea! I love creations like this!

Thanks for sharing..good luck on your move!


B. in the Know said...

What a great and resourceful idea!
Much love,

Fiona Timantti said...

I like it. Reminds me of Maija Mehiläinen :D

Bon Bon said...

So exciting:-) And those honeycomb-ish shelves are perfect! xoxo

Julie and Lauren said...

Your chartreuse sofa is adorable!! Love it.

thefancyflea said...

How exciting! All the best with the move :)

I love Apartment Therapy, i've been hearting this apartment lately:

Lisa said...

Those shelves are super cool and unique! Exciting with a new home!

Yay, my button looks great with the other ones, thanks so much for the opportunity! Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Lisa

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