Say a little prayer

9 April 2011

Hey loves! I hope you're having a beautiful weekend! Our weekend has been a bit poorly.. our little pup Salli has been very ill. Last night I took her to the vet because all day she was very tired and not her energetic self. They did some tests and there's something funny going on with her liver that's making her ill. The poor thing has been so sick, but hopefully the meds we got start kicking in soon. It's just so heart breaking to see her in pain, I've been worried sick.

To get my mind off things, I thought I'd take some photographs of my latest vintage finds. Because couple of weeks ago I did a thrift store tour around Helsinki and I've been meaning to share my finds with you. My little tour was very productive - I found an old russian watch locket necklace and a vintage Friitala (an old Finnish leather manufacturer) purse that I absolutely adore. And just by accident they're both blue + gold, so they'll make a fab combo! Have you made any great vintage finds lately? xox mervi

Ps. While I was taking the photos, the little patient came to say hello to me. Isn't she such a sweetheart! Please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for us... I don't even want to think that it could be something serious.

17 lovely messages:

Keri said...

She is so cute! I hope everything will be ok! Praying!

Charlotte said...

What a sweetie! I bet she'll be back to her happy self in no time. The best thing about being a pet mama is how quickly those furry kiddos bounce back!

GREAT finds! I'm so enchanted by that blue watch/locket. I can't wait to see how you style that!


Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh I really hope Salli will be ok, it's the worst when your pets are ill!

And I love the watch locket, so beautiful!
Take care!
Love -K

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry ti hear that she is ill, I really hope it gets better soon!

Wonderful locket - beautiful! xxx

patience said...

oh mervi, good luck with your pup. i hope all ends well.

that locket is lovely. i never would have suspected it was a watch had you not popped it open and taken a picture!

dejoiss said...

the dog is so cute! :)

dejoiss ♥

Cat said...

Oh Salli...feel better soon sweet pup!!!! xx Cat

Sarah said...

Aw, sending well wishes and love to your cute doggy! What a sin. ♥

That locket is gorgeous, what an amazing find!

M.M.E. said...

I'm sending you all of my well wishes and good luck. The watch is gorgeous! I wish I could find something like that at my thrift store.

Angie said...

I absolutely love that watch locket! And I hope Miss Salli gets better soon!! ♥ xo

Ross said...

She is such a cute dog! Reminds me of our springer spaniel! We'll be saying a prayer.

my best friend jules said...

Thanks for all the sweet thoughts and prayers my dear friends! :) I think they helped because she's been eating a bit today and even got a little excited to go out for a walk! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better :)
xox mervi

Saska said...

Täällä ainakin kovasti Sallin puolesta ajatuksia ylöspäin laitetaan, toivottavasti neiti on paremmassa kunnossa!

cb said...

thinking of you and your little pup! i hope she is okay! big virtual hug to help the healing!!!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

praying for the pup!
loving that locket.
xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hey girls, while catching up i saw this post and gosh am i ever sorry to hear this news! good thing you took her right away and got the medicine. how is she now? picked up and better? she is just darling in that photo, big puddle eyes of love!

glad to know you are trying to keep busy too, the vintage finds are super. ♥

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