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10 April 2011

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It's been ages since I did a sunday style icon post. Some of you may remember when I featured Twiggy and her amazing DIY eye-makeup tutorial. This weekend I've been listening to a  lot of old Finnish music and especially Carola Standertskj√∂ld. She's a Finnish jazz/pop singer from the 60s and there's something so magical about her. And she wasn't only a talented artist, but also such a beautiful woman with amazing sense of style. I just adore her dark yet classic look. And therefore she's my sunday style icon. I thought I'd also share a performance by her on a tv-show by the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 1965. She's performing a Mexican piece Perfidia. Isn't she stunning! xox mervi

2 lovely messages:

patience said...

lovely to learn about something new!

Sarah said...

Her style (and hair!) rock my world. I've never heard of Carola, I'm glad you shared. ♥

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