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5 April 2011

Hi there sweethearts! We thought it is about time for us to start sharing our space with you lovelies. Therefore we're now offering free ad spots - all sized 120 x 120. In return, we'd like you to sponsor a giveaway or do a fun guest post - something outside the box.

We're looking to share our space with likeminded bloggers, shop owners, artists, vintage lovers, jewelry makers... well, someone like YOU! 
We have only 10 spots available / month, so be quick to snatch one! :)

  • All ads go up on the 1st of the month in our left sidebar, and stay up till the end of the month.
  • We decided on a "one size fits all" principle, so each ad is sized 120 x 120 pixels.
  • Ads will be rotated weekly so everyone gets as much exposure as possible.
  • There are two group intro posts a month - 5 sponsors at a time.
  • We also promise to give you heaps of link love, via twitter and facebook.
  • (If you wish to continue sponsoring our blog, we will just ask you for another giveaway or guest post.)
My Best Friend Jules was established in November 2010. Since then our blog has been growing at a steady rate and today we have 226 followers on GFC. Last month we got over 6000 page views, and daily we get 150 - 250 page views. We like to think that people, who visit our blog, love vintage and all things pretty. They may also have a soft spot for jewelry - just like us :)

If you think this sounds like fab deal, please drop us an email and let's discuss the details. We'd love to have you!  love mervi and helena

6 lovely messages:

cb said...

that would be so much fun! i would love to participate! where do i sign up :D


MaieDae said...

!! Count me in! :D

Chrissy said...


Sarah said...

What an fantastic and generous idea! :)

Cat said...

My darlings...I would love to participate! Please do count me in. I would be game for anything you lovely ladies throw at me...a guest post, a giveaway...maybe both (oh my, we are getting crazy now!). xx Cat

ps. lovin some of the new (subtle) changes around here...epps! :)

Nnenna said...

I think this sounds like a fab deal! I just sent an email :D

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