From me to you!

6 May 2011

I have to share with you this beautiful blog called From me to you. It's a photography blog and it's full of so cool pictures. And I think it's quite addictive. I would love to post here one picture, but I think our blog doesn't support flash. Mervi, you genious code-guru? What should I do ;) Anyway, go to see the pictures (check them really carefully) so you know what I mean. Some of them are really addictive (page 2)? Oh yes! Have a great weekend everyone!! Kiss, Helena

Picture: From me to you

5 lovely messages:

Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh this blog was just wonderful, I fell totally in love! Thank you so much Helena for sharing! Have a great weekend you too! Love/xo

Sarah said...

Sigh, I just spent a good twenty minutes over there. What whimsical photos! A story without words. ♥

Abi P. said...

oh my goodness! that is a lovely photo. and those rings! ....i'm in love.
i'm heading over to their blog right now :)

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