I wish...

11 May 2011

...I could pull off this look. I see florals everywhere I look, but I look like a grandma when I try them on.
...I had the money for this bag. (oh I know, I wasn't supposed to dream about more handbags :D)
...I had these shoes.  I wouldn't mind wearing them to work tomorrow :)
...I had the courage to take a half sleeve tattoo. I adore this look.
That pretty much sums it up :) xox mervi

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11 lovely messages:

Charlotte said...

I have got to get in on these Wednesday Wishes.

Also...I rock the half sleeve...in my mind.



Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh those shoes..and that bag..and florals...and that sleeve! Oh I want everything! Beautiful pics!

melody-mae said...

ooh, I love that green bag and those heels!!!

AlbeeLucky said...

I love the look of the woman in the last photo. She is so pretty, why can't I look like that (: ?
The modern pin-up is my favorite look hands down.

Sarah said...

I love love love floral patterns... on other people. I too always feel like such an old lady in them (or worse, an 80s reject). I will live vicariously through others I suppose!

cb said...

i LOVE the last look!!! her hair is amazing!


Lisa said...

I'm sure you could totally rock the floral look Mervi! I adore the last look as well!

Ashley {A Cat in Gloves} said...

Totally agree with the half-sleeve...if only I didn't have a corporate job.

Lisa said...

Re: well spotted about the ribbons! ;)

Natalie Marie said...

Hey girls! I am so excitedi found your blog today! I am thrilled to go back and see your pronouns post! I would love it if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think!
Thank you


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