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11 May 2011

Vintage tricolored mesh earrings via jjjbyrd
What do you think about these mesh earrings? I think I've mentioned about this here before, but for a long time I wasn't really into big dangly earrings... but now that my hair is slowly (TOO slowly!) getting longer, I feel I could pull them off again. I think these stunners would rock any going-out outfit! Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind slipping on my dancing shoes this coming weekend ;) 
xox mervi

7 lovely messages:

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

oooo LOVE these earrings! so pretty :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

cb said...

those earrings need to be in my collection! so cute and i love the mix of metal colors too!


Cat said...

You had me at mixed metal :)

xx Cat brideblu

Krystal said...

stunners indeed!!

Little Lo Hood said...

yess...this are so lovely!

Cate Adair said...

Love the mesh earrings! I believe it’s ok to “mesh” up occasionally! Here is another pair of earrings that I think you will love:

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