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20 May 2011

Oh, I just love bracelets. It's so easy to look good if you have a cool, beautiful or just edgy bracelet. This Victorian Turquoise and Seed Pearl Clover Bracelet is so pretty. I would love to wear it at summertime. It's like beautiful summer breeze. Oh, so poetic. Hih ♥ Hugs, Helena
From Owl's Roost Antiques

6 lovely messages:

Cat said...

Turquoise is such a timeless stone and so very perfect for summer! Love your find today girls!

xx Cat

Missy said...

Love it!! There's that turquoise stone again that I'm totally lusting after at the moment! When I get paid this month I know what I'm getting :-)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

gee-gosh-willikers! embellished clover insanity - love it! ♥

yasmeen said...

i just love that - timeless and beautiful! turquoise is one of my favorites. i always admired it on my mother growing up.

now, if i could only find a bracelet that would fit my narrow wrist!

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