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24 May 2011

Vintage coral stone ring via Twin Hearts Vintage

I absolutely adore this ring. It's big and bulky yet very elegant! And lately I've been really in the coral, so this pretty immediately caught my eye. The ring is from an Etsy shop called Twin Hearts Vintage - a very recent discovery that I recommend to check out! The shop is filled with all sorts of little vintage goodies. Me like :) xox mervi

5 lovely messages:

Stephanie said...

What a great ring! I love the color and the size...beautiful!

Erin Dawn said...

Oooh, I like the colour!

Anonymous said...

Love the ring yes! But how bout that nail polish...epps! I am really digging the silver {which reminds me how desperately I need a mani right about now!}.

xx Cat brideblu

ps. blogger is being a mean person right now so I have to post

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