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26 May 2011

Leather dropped heart earrings by Flight Path
How cute are these! I'm loving the shape, the mustard color and the graphics! Pretty pretty! What also intrigues me is the technique Naomi, the designer behind Flight Path, uses to in her designs. She says the technique is similar to a tattoo process, where the leather completely absorbs the ink, revealing the subtle textures of the grain. Sounds very cool and I'm so impressed by all of her work - you should all definitely check her out! xox mervi

10 lovely messages:

Victoria said...

Those are so great! I'm in love.

patience said...

love the graphics!! you would never know it was leather!?

Katie Dodd said...

holy mother these are amaazing. i'm perusing through the etsy shop now. i'm going to have to buy something...

sandra said...

hey, i felt a bit related to this post... well, not me myself, but i have a friend that makes pretty cool earrings as well. if it is alright i would kindly drop off the link to her blog :

check her out!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I love these! How fun!

cb said...

those are sooo cute! if you had a actual store filled with all the amazing jewelry you post here, i would be in your shop everyday buying up the place!!! you have great taste!!


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