last night

23 May 2011

Photographs by me, last night

It was such a pretty night last night. I was taking Salli, our pup, for her evening walk and our home street was looking so beautiful. I just had to go back and pick up my camera to take a few shots. These are shaky and all blurry, but I kinda like them. I just love nights like this - perfect for long moonlight walks. xox mervi

10 lovely messages:

Saturday 20th Mari said...

Beautiful pics my dear friend <3

vintch said...

gorgeous! what a lovely space to walk in:)

Keri said...

It looks so magical ♥
xo keri bohemian backbone

posidanielle said...

so beautiful! i love this!

Vic said...

great captures...i love blur:) i learned a long time ago to take the cam everywhere...even on quick walks, to the grocery store, target, the bathroom...LOL

anne said...

So pretty- and a perfect depiction of a late night walk. By the way, I love your blog design! It's so lovely and simple.

Janette said...

Shaky, blurry pics are theeeee best Mervi! I did a post similar to this..Let me fish it out...


I love glowy trees! Sigh central!

Joy said...


Kristina said...

cool pictures, love the light and colours!!

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