A little project (re-post)

17 May 2011

Due to last week's Blogger mess, I'm re-posting my post from last Thursday. I'm not sure how many of you got a chance to read it before it disappeared, so I hope you don't mind :) And in fact, I think this topic deserves a double post because I'm so excited about it! Hih!

Drum roll!!! I'm getting a tattoo designed by Karolina from One with the birds! I've been a fan of Karolina's illustrations ever since I found her blog, and it didn't take me long to realise that she'd be the perfect person to design my new tattoo. I found this image already ages ago, and I decided that one day I'll take a tattoo something similar to this. And now that I have Karolina to design it for me, I'm all set :) 
I'm taking the tattoo to honor my dad, who passed away in 1998. I'm collecting three little memories of my dad, and Karolina will illustrate them inside the cute fairytale horsie. As well as paying tribute to my dad, the design will be a nice reflection of my personality. I'm so excited to get it! Thanks Karolina for doing this for me - the tattoo means a lot to me, because it will be all about celebrating life and all of your loved ones. xox mervi

7 lovely messages:

Krystal said...

oh wow!! i like it, i can't wait to see it!

Chrissy said...

Wow, it is amazing! Can't wait to see it!!

cb said...

how exciting, i am sooo excited for you! that is so awesome!! yayayayayayay! i can't to get a new one!


StarletStarlet said...

That is such an amazing illustration.

I cannot wait - I have to start thinking some more about mine now...you inspired me.

Jamie said...

Such an awesome idea, I can't wait to see it!! I'm going Monday to get a big piece on my ribs and I am scaaared, it is gonna HURT!! Hehe!

Karolina Pettersson said...

This post is so sweet! :) I have started out on some rough sketches and hopefully I can show you some of them at the end of the week!

I've done a bunch of different ideas, some very alike your sketch and some very different! Just to give you some different angles!

Well, I'll send you an email when I'm done with them and then I can start with the final piece! Take care! Love K

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