Lovely vintage looks

1 May 2011

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Aren't these ladies just gorgeous! I was browsing some vintage photographs online this morning and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I'm always looking for inspiration from vintage photographs for my own style, and these ladies are simply stunning. I adore these looks! I'm such a mix and match girl, that I couldn't stick to just one look... but I would love to incorporate a hint of all of the above in my own style. I definitely want to find something similar to those sunnies - they're ├╝ber cool! :) What type vintage looks you're loving at the moment? xox mervi

Ps. There's something magical about vintage photographs. I could keep digging through boxes of old photograph for hours, I can't get enough of the stories and history behind each photograph. They're just precious!

7 lovely messages:

Missy said...

I find that in old vintage photos, woman just more carefree and styled in a caual way. It's like they just threw something on and looked fabulous! I like the 70's vintage look at the moment (so much so that I was nicknamed 70's Barbie when I went out for lunch with friends last week haha!).

Genevieve [Complex Appl3pie] said...

I have a fascination with vintage photos too. I have all of my grandmas photos from the 40s throughout the 90s, they are all beautiful to look at.
Currently archiving them for the family. It's so good to see fashion and lifestyle evolve.

I love photo #4 :)

yasmeen said...

lovely, lovely... that Frida picture is my favorite. she's legend.

Vic said...

i toooooo love vintage! i've been doing tons of internet searching as well:) love these! xoxo

Elin_Lwfli_Dwfli said...

I absolutely love all those looks. It's so hard to choose, I would love to style my hair like the one on the top left corner. love vintage and love your blogxxx

Pirjo said...

We should sometimes look the old pictures of your own familyhistory. Also the men look very handsome.

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