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7 May 2011

Now is your chance to get a new design for your blog! I decided to run a little opening giveaway over at Design By Wushka, and I thought I'd mention about it here too. I'm offering a free blog template to one lucky winner. This template won't be available elsewhere. 

I've built the design on top of the Blogger Ethereal template, and it's all set with pretty fonts, backgrounds and icons. All you need to do is to upload the file and type in your blog title. Simple as that and you're good to go! To enter the giveaway, visit my design blog here.
xox mervi

2 lovely messages:

heather said...

awesomness! but i'm not on twitter yet... i know i know!

patience said...

haha mervi i love it!! i'm tempted to enter...lolol kidding!

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