22 May 2011

Hand-painted vintage leather wallet by Junkyard Glitter

The post title says it all! This hand-painted vintage leather purse is so cool! I love the combination of the classic gold swan and the modern patterns. I should really stop my daily Etsy rounds, because every time I come across the most cutest things... and my wish-list is getting longer and longer. My window shopping habbit is quite dangerous ;) xox mervi

7 lovely messages:

Joy said...

so cute! i love swans! i forgot how much i love them until this post! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

sigh is right.
i want.

cb said...

that person is something really special! i love the swan clasp! so cool!


Adria said...

Wow, what an amazing piece!

The Perfect Pear said...

these are fabulous! i forgot how much i love ducks and geese (goose?) haha great post! :)

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