Talking jewelry with Kaitlyn from isavirtue

9 May 2011

My name is Kaitlyn Webb Patience and I blog at isavirtue. I've been blogging about my obsession with jewelry for years (if you visit my blog, and click the category "jewelry," you'll see what i mean!) but there is one jewelry artist who will always have my heart. Miss Marlaina Stone creates the most exquisite jewelry in the entire world. Her pieces are bulky, bold, asymmetrical and entirely unique. She uses a variety of stones, intertwined with special pieces that she finds such as clocks, skulls and roses. I really wanted to wear one of these pieces on my wedding day but since they cost about the same as a wedding dress, I had to decide if wearing a Marlaina Stone necklace and my birthday suit on my wedding day was really what i wanted! With no further ado, here are the beautiful pieces.

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