What a bargain!

15 May 2011

Hi pretties! I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend! I did some treasure hunting at the local thrift stores yesterday, and I found some real bargains. I was NOT supposed to buy any handbags... but oops, I accidentally bought myself two new bags. But they were screaming for my name, so I couldn't just leave them there! Right? ;) I'm planning to wear the red sequence purse to my friend's wedding in June and the brown suede bag is perfect for everyday use. I also found a cute boho blouse and the dangly earrings I've been talking about. So all in all, such a good day - and just for 11,70 euros. I also splashed on a new hair dye and colored my hair this morning. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted - it's more pure red than ginger. I'm hoping it'll wash out  a little bit and tone down to the color I wanted. What have you been up to? xox mervi

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Karolina Pettersson said...

Oh what bargains! I think your hair looks amazing anyway! Red hair for the win! :)
My weekend was great, but my bf has been out of town since wednesday so I've missed him a bit! But today he's coming home again! :) Yaay!

Lisa said...

Ha ha oops! :) They're lovely though and for €11 you'd be mad not to go for it! I really like the blouse, very fresh for summer! And you look great in your new haircolour as well ;)

xo L

Keri said...

LOVE that top and your new hair color =) I wish I could pull that off.

Joy said...

love love love the red hair!

Charlotte said...

*wolf whistle*

HOT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!



Your hair looks gorge!

LesleyRH said...

Cute cute bags! I never find any good stuff when I'm out at the charity shops...guess I have to keep trying!

Janette said...

I think the color looks grrreat! And I'm still not sure how you can buy something on accident ;)
Funny girl!

Janette, the Jongleur

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous blog you have going here! LOVE the bags - don't feel guilty at all because they're ADORABLE! :D

patience said...

you are doing so well and putting yourself into the blog more! yay for mervi pictures!

thepaisleytab.com said...

I want your hair - It's so pretty. I just found your sweet blog and am your newest follower! :)


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