Girls just want to have fun

27 June 2011

Yay! I've got a new weekly feature! Thank you all for voting :) The record player got the most votes, so each Monday I'll be featuring one of my favorite songs from the past. And because I was born in 1983, I thought I'd throw in a little Cindy Lauper and celebrate the first feature with Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Hih, because that's what this blog is all about - fun! And also because I think the video is just grand. What's your favorite 80s song? xxx mervi

Ps. I also found some funky 80s fashion from an Etsy shop called LapineOurs Vintage. Their shop is filled with 80s and 90s gems, so take a peek! I think those white lacy shoes are super adorable and would make such a fun statement! I so wish they were my size!

2 lovely messages:

sandra said...

cindy lauper is brilliant! as well as this song - classic!

my best friend jules said...

Isn't she! ;) xxx

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