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29 June 2011

Observe | verb
Notice or perceive something and register it as being significant.

One of the fondest childhood memories I have is me, playing with my dad’s Rolleiflex camera.  It is the first camera I ever knew, and I just loved looking through the big top viewfinder.  I didn’t know how to take pictures then, so my sole entertainment was walking around the house, observing, looking at every single thing that would cross my way and see how different everything looked from that perspective.

As the adult and the photographer I am today, I have to remind myself to observe, to pay attention.  We miss so many wonderous moments in our everyday lives simply because we don’t mind stopping for a second, and looking closely at things.  Often times this thought comes to mind and I purposely take a pause before pressing the shutter.  I take in the moment and see everything inside the viewfinder before freezing the image.

Most of us bloggers include photography as part of the daily recordings of our affairs. Nowadays technology allows us more than ever to produce beautiful imagery, and to share it with the World. 

But I ask you, are you observing through your viewfinder?  Or are you just simply snapping random pictures? Paula from Rustika Photography.

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