Saturday night and a couple of cheesy poses

5 June 2011

We had such a fun night last night! I was visiting my friend Mari and some of our other friends joined us later on. It was one of those unplanned super nice evenings with lots laughter. And my evening got even better when our friend Martin surprised me with this masterpiece ring he secretly made out of the wire in a bottle of sparkly. No one had noticed that he was making it until he gave it to me to present on my blog as jewelry we heart today. So so sweet! :) I think he did a wonderful job! And of course we had to take couple of cheesy posing photos with the ring. Hih! xox mervi

photos by friend Mari

3 lovely messages:

Saturday 20th Mari said...

It was such a lovely evening. :) xoxo

Nnenna said...

You are too cute! :D

Keri said...

LOL! that is cute. ;)

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