Hey look!

6 July 2011

Recently my friend Michaela (whom some of may remember from Bliss!) started a company called Hey Look with her friend Lotta. These ladies have such an eye for all things pretty - they design, they create and they decorate. And oh boy, they do it so well! You should take a peek in their portfolio, and see for example this stunning wedding they put together for Hanna and Tony in Valkosaari Helsinki. 

And guess what! I was also lucky to get to work with them as Michaela asked me to do their blog, where they'll share their daily inspiration and keep you in the loop of their latest projects. I can't wait to read about all  the amazing things they'll whip together. Pop over for a visit, because you'll love it! I'm so smitten with the pretty collection boards they recently shared! xxx mervi

Ps. I'm starting to think we should get married ASAP so I can hire the girls! I'd absolutely LOVE it! And yes, I hope my boyfriend reads this and takes the hint ;)

10 lovely messages:

B. in the Know said...

You did a great job on their blog - love it! And hope your boyfriend reads this post, too!
Much love,

Little Lo Hood said...

Lovely blog, great job! I love anything wedding design...thanks a bunch for sharing! :) -Lo

Cat said...

Ooooo, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to finding new, shiny pretty sights to gaze on!

Yep ... your boy should take a hit, doll ... you are a catch and a half! ;)

♥ Cat brideblu

Hey Look said...

yes, chiquita! I do hope he takes the hint :) would be a-ma-zing to create your wedding.

and thanks so much for your work on our blog. i love love love it.

see you next week, darling!

HazelandMare said...

Hehehe, you're so funny!

I love their site- you did an amazing job! It is so clean and professional and cheerful looking! Great job!

Lotta_heylook said...

:) Thank you for the work for our blog ! Beautiful weekend !

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

Mervi! I had no idea you were the one responsible for their new look! I love their blog and was really excited to see the new look - and you did it! I should have known it was you:)

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