I must be on holiday

25 July 2011

Hey darlings, greetings from my hometown! I got here late last night - feels good to be home and seeing my mum and sister. I'm always feeling so relaxed here. It must be the fresh country air! But this time I'm feeling a bit too relaxed... I've forgotten the password to my laptop. Oops! I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that it'll come to me when I sleep on it. But at the moment my head is just blank. On the positive side, this is a sign that I've been able to forget all the work stress and put my mind on other things... haha, I'm just hoping that I won't forget my other important passwords or codes and make my life a complete mess! :D But hey, this stuff happens and I'll be able to sort it out when I get back to work. I'm on holiday, right?! :) xxx mervi

Ps. I snapped this photo this morning at 8 am. The morning light was so pretty. 

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dana @ wonder forest said...

forgetting an important password is the worst!
lovely photo
xo dana

Kristy Lynn said...

morning light is my favorite light. you know when you get up really early, and the cars haven't started wooshing by your house yet and you step out into the crisp sunshine filled air with a cup of tea and total silence? that's what makes my home, home. you've captured it brilliantly in this photo.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

I love morning light. Love that something so simple as sitting quietly in the living room with a hot cuppa gazing at dustmotes dance in the beams of sunlight falling across the floor...brings such contentment and peace.

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