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12 July 2011

Hip hey lovelies! The jewelry I heart today is in fact magnets made out of vintage jewelry.  I found this cute idea on Country Living. Instead of letting your vintage brooches gather dust in your jewelry box, why not turn them into refrigerator magnets? Yes yes yes! Why didn't I think that myself? I think it's such a neat idea and easy to make too. All you need is super glue, some magnets and you're good to craft. I think I might give these a go next week because I've been dying to get crafty! xxx mervi 

via Country Living

5 lovely messages:

Cat said...

Epps .... I love the *heart* posts! These are incredible ... though I may have to scold you for giving me another reason to collect vintage brooches :)

Hope all is well doll!

❤ Cat brideblu

Kristy Lynn said...

It's true. I'm with Cat.

Krystal said...

that is a really good idea!!

Keri said...

Um...I'm doing this. Like right now! This is such an awesome idea. =D


Renee B. said...

I've loved this idea ever since I saw a box of flower pin magnets for sale at Anthropologie....for like thirty dollars. I just need to get around to making this happen, such a fun and easy DIY!! And my fridge could totally use some bling:)

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