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26 July 2011

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Sunshine Druzy Triangle necklace via byAnthem

Ooooh I love this! I never used to be a big fan of bling and sparkly things, but I must be getting older (and wiser!!!) because everything sparkly is starting to attract my attention. And this pretty is no exception, I'd  totally wear this. However, my rule of thumb is that I wear sparkles in moderation - too much is too much and I definitely need to dress down if I have some bling on me. Otherwise I think I'd look like a Christmas tree. What's your view on this? Is less more? xxx mervi

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Cat said...

Mervi ... wow, what a striking piece! I think that this would add the perfect touch of sparkle and I adore the rainbow-esque effect of colors that seem to be spilling forth :)

Yea for patient hair growing and your now mini-ponytail!!!! Wooo-hoooo! :)

Have a lovely day, friend :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Tabadoo said...

Think it's lovely and could easily be paired win just a solid T and bangles! Love your blog!


Such a pretty little rock!

Little Fever said...

I loooovveee love love necklaces like this. I don't own one yet, but definitely on my wishlist for Christmas this year! (even if I have to buy it for myself) ;)

Krystal said...

i looooove that 2!!

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