The famous beehive

17 August 2011

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Hi there sweeties! How are you today? Thankfully mine has been a bit better than yesterday. I've drank my coffee in the kitchen and not taken any liquids anywhere near my desk. It seems that they can recover my hard-drive and all the data can be saved! A big YAY! But all the computer stuff aside... I'm going to talk about my favorite 60s hairdo - the beehive. I just adore it and I wish my hair was long enough to rock it. In the hopes of my hair being long enough someday, I've been searching for some tutorials how to make it. And I've found a great step-by-step tutorial with a video on Wish Wish Wish. So pop over to Carrie's blog to learn how to make one!

Ps. Whilst looking for tutorials, I also came across an interesting read on the Daily Mail about the woman who developed the famous sixties hairdo. You can read it here.


4 lovely messages:

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love the beehive!! Thanks for sharing! So glad your data can be salvaged!!


Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

I LOVE the beehive :) Alas, my hair is too short at the moment to do it (Not that I have ever had any talent or ability to actually create okay-looking hair styles anyway :P) xxx

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