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1 August 2011

How cool is this necklace! I'm loving the colors and the large vintage flowers. What a perfect statement necklace for the summer. You could wear this with simple black dress or with washed out jeans and a tank top. I love wearing pairing casual jeans with a statement necklace for an extra oomph. What would you wear this with? xxx mervi

4 lovely messages:

marissa at the boot said...

yes! it's SO cool! you could just wear a white tank and jean shorts but with that necklace you're a million bucks! love it!

lindsay said...

eep i absolutely love it!! so beautiful ;) XO

dana @ wonder forest said...

love it, so colourful and pretty!
xox dana

Jess said...

Wow, I LOVE this necklace!!! I'd wear it with a pretty vintage dress :D

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