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6 August 2011

Oooh! Why didn't I come across these pretties already couple of weeks ago! I could've ordered them online just before I our holiday. I would've loved to pack them in my suitcase. I think this Topshop dress is the perfect summer dress - light and white. And because I like to spice things up, I thought that something as girly as this dress would need a fun casual handbag as a pair. What do you think - would you wear this combo?


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Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Love the combo! That dress is so perfect for summer...a great "throw on and go" type outfit. Fabulous!

Sarah said...

I'm in love with that bag! And I am madly in love with your new blog layout, BEAUTIFUL work, Mervi!

cb said...

i want that bag..wait scratch that i NEED that bag! so so amazing! oh and LOVE the new blog layout sweetie! so so cute!

Krystal said...

seriously i wish both of those were in my possession at this exact moment!!! I'll be up in your general area of the globe on friday to oslo :) hahha, so not neighbors, but near enough?

Irene Wibowo said...

I love the dress.. .:) SO nice...
Irene Wibowo

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