One of those happy days.

20 August 2011

Happy weekend loves! I survived my first week back in the office after my 4 week break, and we needed to celebrate. So this morning we headed to town to have brunch with a friend at Restaurant Sunn. What a lovely place! It's on Senate Square overlooking the Helsinki main cathedral - so so pretty. And the food was so yummy too - I stuffed myself with croissants, brie and fig jam. You should try it, they make the perfect match. With food in our bellies it was nice to come home and crash on the couch. The pup was keeping my feet warm while we watched Water for Elephants. There's nothing better than a good love story on lazy Saturday afternoon. I think today has been one of those happy days. Full stop.


5 lovely messages:

Kristina said...

sounds great!! enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Kelly said...

I think weekends are always happy days ... :)

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh yes, I totally agree...lazy Saturday afternoons are the best with a good movie. Absolutely loving your weekend montage of photos dreamy and gorgeous. And croissants and fig jam...yes please!! That sounds amazing:)

Janette said...

Oh! I LOVEEEE cheese and fig jam together! Soooo delicious! Great snaps you got here too Mervi! As usual!

Janette, the Jongleur

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