Sisterly moments.

7 September 2011

I dedicate this post to my dear sister who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night. I'm so so happy for you, there's no words to describe! And I'm so happy that you've made me auntie Mervi! A friend of mine told me today that I'll be the cool and wacky aunt. I've got no objections, I'll happily wear the wacky auntie hat! :) I found this old photo of us two the other night - you're so gently taking caring of  me, your little sis (it's amazing how time flies, because it feels like yesterday when we were these little girls). I can't wait to meet your little girl and take care of her... and make more moments full of love and lullabies. I love you to bits!


7 lovely messages:

dana @ wonder forest said...

aw lovely post :)
congrats on becoming an auntie!
xo dana

cb said...

congrats now you are an auntie! best thing ever! congrats to your sister and her new little one <3

HazelandMare said...

That is so wonderful and happy and exciting! You will be the best wacky auntie ever! Congratulations to your family! :)

Kristina said...

congrats to you and your sister! I am sure you will be the coolest aunt around! So exciting!

Cat said...

How very, VERY exciting! Congrats Auntie Mervi :)

Jessica Ann said...

That is so awesome! I have two sisters. There is really no other bond that is the same.
I am so happy for you guys to have a new little one in the family!

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