Sneezing the night away (+ some photo talk).

22 September 2011

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My iPhone photos from today

Hey bubbas! Guess who's still all poorly and trapped inside the apartment? Me. This silly thing is totally wearing me out and I'm about to go nuts if I have to lay low the whole weekend. Luckily the pup needs a walk couple of times a day, so I need to go out for some fresh air. I almost hugged the people passing me by on the street - it was so nice to see PEOPLE!! Hih ;) But our walk took it's toll on me, and I'm back under my blanket sneezing the night away. 

One thing that has kept me company this week is Instagram. As many of you know they made a major update this week, so I've been playing with the new filters and effects. Not sure yet if I'm in love or not. There's some new filters that I love like Amaro, Rise and Hudson. But I'm so disappointed with the way they've changed some of the old filters. The colors and textures don't seem the same anymore. Or is this just me? Any of you having similar mixed feelings? To alleviate the pain from the update, I uploaded the Camera+. I'm starting to think that they'll make a good combo for editing and sharing photos on my iPhone.

Ps. Phew. This was probably the longest post I've written for a while. Can you tell I'm bored? ;)


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Annika said...

I'm not sure if it's available for iPhone (I have Android) but you should try looking for an app called RetroCam Plus! It's a really nifty app that lets you use filters based on the kind of toy camera they emulate, so you get some really neat results!

Feel better soon!!

A Sweet Release

Joy said...

these are iphone photos! awesome!! :)

cb said...

i know how you feel, i feel like i might go crazy if i can't got out and have fun this weekend! i am gonna make it work! hope you feel better sweetie!

Janette said...

I don't know how I feel about the new IG either...I like the new filters though..Especially RISE! And I'm also bummed that my pictures aren't being saved to my phone.. That is a MAJOR bummer! Anywho.. Hope you feel better by the weekend girl!

Janette, the Jongleur

A Lost Feather said...

booo feel better! at least you got to take some pretty photos while you're stuck feeling yucky!

Krystal said...

I love the genius camera app :)

Vanessa said...

I just updated IG as well..I like some of the new filters...will have to give it a bit of time to see what I really think. I like that you can remove frames if you want to.

Love the photo's you've posted today!

Janette-you mentioned that your photo's are not saving to your phone-this can be fixed..go into your settings, find instagram and then change the photo save settings to "on".

Karolina Pettersson said...

I guess you already now what i'm feeling about the new IG...:) but now a week later I'm already starting to get used to it. I'm still sad about the earlybird filter and the save without posting dissapeard...

...but as you said, now I have been looking up loads of other camera apps where you can edit photos and me as well really love camera plus and also snapseed and retro camera! and it's kinda fun!

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