The Art of Homemaking - blog makeover

25 October 2011

The past week or so, I've had the privilege to work on a blog makeover for Megan at The Art of Homemaking. When I first got introduced to Megan's blog, I got this really homely feeling from her posts. They're just full of family fun and warmth, and this is the feeling I wanted to bring into the design as well.  Megan is also a writer and an entrepreneur, so the blog needed to have a professional touch too. And I think we've accomplished both goals. Take a peek and get to know Megan and her family better. 

Ps. While I was working on Megan's blog, I've been drooling over these butternut squash doughnuts. They look divine!


6 lovely messages:

bethani said...

the header for her blog is totally cute with the vintage stove and all!

Lauren E. Douglas said...

Wow, that is just lovely!

Janette said...

So so so amazing Mervi! My blog budget is at zip right now.. but once I get some extra money I TOOOTALLY want you for the job! Maybe in a few months?

Janette, the Jongleur

Stephanie said...

Great job on the blog!

Jess [tenpenny splendid] said...

Love the color palette for that design! Very cute! :)

marci said...

It looks beautiful!

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