20 October 2011

Today in iPhone photos.

I'm still busy with design work, so I'm just popping over for a quick hello! How do you like my new mug? We all have our "signature" cups in the office and I've been missing one because I haven't come across the right mug. But today I found it at the Hello Kitty shop... and it's so darn cute. 

Ps. This morning the sky was all pretty with different shades of pinks and purples. The perfect start to a day!


3 lovely messages:

Amie said...

The mug is adorable, my current office cup is a pink pantone one :]

Love your blog, I always get excited when I find fellow design/vintage loving bloggers!


Stephanie said...

Great photos! Love the trees!

Emma said...

I love the mug! So cute - if I could reach right through the screen to steal it I would! Lovin this post - I love how all the photos have that pinkish tinge to them, just lovely :)

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