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17 October 2011

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Vintage barracuda necklace via Pinguim

Ooh - I love this necklace! I think it's rad! I'm no fan of barracudas in real life, but I'd totally wear this one around my neck. The wiggly tail makes it fun, even though the necklace kinda has a little mean look about it. I think this pretty would make a cool combo with a girly dress. Just to spice things up a bit! Don't you think?


6 lovely messages:

Janette said...

Haha! It does look kind of mean.. But I like it.. I wouldn't know what to pair it with though..Hmm....

Janette, the Jongleur

bethani said...

that is a very darling necklace. different and interesting, but thats what makes it darling.

cb said...

this is really cute! reminds me of earrings i have that i should wear, perfect season since halloween is just around the corner!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow! That's amazing!

christina said...

very cool necklace. i have some silver bony fish earrings that always gain a few compliments!

AND i love your latest blog makeover-- so clean.

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