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13 October 2011

My iPhone photos.

Hi lovelies! How's your week been so far? I've been working my little (?!) butt off this week with design work and still have work lined up for the rest of the week. And that's such an awesome thing!!! :) But working a lot means I haven't really left home... other than go to my day job. Do I sound like a workaholic? ;) But I have enjoyed some candle light looking at the big stunningly colorful tree in front of our apartment building and getting cuddles from Salli. And actually that's been enough to keep me happy!

Ps. The effects on the first photo are done with Picfx. It's a fun photo app for iPhone - you should give it a go! :)


2 lovely messages:

Annika said...

I love the one that looks like it's printed on cardboard! That's such a neat and unusual effect!

StarletStarlet said...

Gorgeous pictures and effects that immediately amp up the fall mood around here!

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