Prepping for Christmas!

30 November 2011

Hi sweets! I'm starting to feel all Christmassy and I'm really getting into decorating our home and looking for xmassy recipes. It's weird, because I usually haven't been too into all this christmas fuss... but perhaps I'm getting older and more sentimental!? Either way, I'm loving it!

So tonight I had my friend come over and we baked some Christmas star pies with nutella filling (the original recipe has plum jam in it) accompanied by some non-alcoholic mulled wine. We also had some gingerbread with blue cheese. Oh yum! Have you ever tried it? It sounds like such a weird combo, but it actually works really well! We also did a super quick and easy decorations for my kitchen window (Thanks Jaana for helping me out!). I have to say that it was one merry little christmas party!


9 lovely messages:

Kristina said...

how sweet, looks lovely! and the ginger bread + bluecheese combination sounds really interesting! here in australia I do not really get any christmas feelings, we had 33 degrees yesterday!!! xox

Little Lo Hood said...

so lovely! i seem to have the bug too...I'm searching for xmas ideas and all those goodies sound so delicious! :) -Lo

KY said...

HMM! Gingerbread and blue cheese? I would never think about pairing those two together but I definitely won't knock it until I try it! I love gingerbread and I love blue cheese so this could potentially be a match made in heaven! Thanks for the idea :)

millimolli said...

Yes! gingerbread and blue cheese, a match made in heaven! My mom suggested it to me a few years and first I was a bit suspicious but everybody should try it! My sister does also these crazy sandwiches during x-mas time; sienisalaattia+ lohta. She swears it's delicious!

Love your blog btw (:

Kate's Irrelevant said...

pretty photos! i hope you share more :) xo

Anonymous said...

Hi, looks so good :) I definitely have to get also some gingerbread with blue cheese. I heard that also horseradish cheese is good with gingerbread!! With love, Helena

emilie said...

Those cookies look amazing! Do you use a specific recipe for them? They look simple but stunning!

I can't wait to try gingerbread and blue cheese!


Shannon said...

Oh yummy!

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