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17 November 2011

Greetings from Oulu! I flew over here yesterday to visit my sweetheart. I've been so busy lately that I really need a little break. In fact, I've been so stressed and worn out that I've had trouble sleeping. I've hardly slept 3 hours a night for the past month. I first thought that I wouldn't blog about this here... but I think you deserve to know how things are outside the virtual world. I'm not saying I'm unhappy because lots of great things are happening to me at the moment. I'm just tired. But luckily that's pretty easy to fix!

So it's finally time to press the reset button and get some sleep, relax-time and fresh air. I also got some melatonin from the doctor to help me get my regular sleeping pattern back. I took the first pill last night, and this morning I felt like a different person - 7 hours of sleep did wonders! If you're a workaholic like me, remember to get some rest. It's vital! I've learned it the hard way and allowed this to go on a little too long. I just haven't been my happy energetic self lately...  But my plan is to bring myself back this weekend. And here's to a good start! My boy took me to see the sunset by the sea this afternoon. It was bloody freezing, but SO pretty! My mind is at rest here.

Ps. The Changing of the Seasons album by Ane Brun has also given me comfort lately. I absolutely love her voice. If you don't know her already, definitely check out her beautiful music.


8 lovely messages:

Krystal said...

it looks breathtaking and so relaxing. you have to take care of yourself, miss!!

noomiy said...

Wonderful pictures! I love them! I'd like to walk with my boy in place like this one too. So romantic!
I'm so happy that you sleep better now. I should think of it because I am also so tired and I sleep just 4-5 hours.


Karolina Pettersson said...

I love these photos darling. And take care of you now as much as you can and have a lovely chilly sleepy unstressful warm cosy weekend. You are so worth it. All the time! Love K

my best friend jules said...

Thank you darlings! I have the sweetest readers! :) xox mervi

Chrissy said...

Wonderful pictures! Take care and try to unwind! You totally deserve it! Hugs xxx

Katie said...

Oh no.. I'm sorry! If I knew you were so busy I would not have bothered you so much!!
But my blog looks so lovely now..thanks so much for all your work Xxx

julie digs design said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!

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