A beautiful Swedish home

15 December 2011

I was visiting my friend Joanna in Stockholm couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with her beautiful eclectic apartment. She has collected such stunning little details to make her apartment feel very warm and homely. I also love the way her personality comes across in the furniture she has selected for her home. Nothing feels too thought through and that's probably why it all works so well. Thank you Joanna for the wonderful weekend! I loved visiting your home! 


7 lovely messages:

Janette said...

oh my woord! Such a lovely and cozy place! Love her decorating.. wish I had that talent.. my home is lacking in that area... sad but true.. doing a post on it tomorrow, i think...

Janette the Jongleur

Chrissy said...

I love everything about it! Wonderfully decorated! Such an eye for the detail! xxx

Just Sweet Love said...

so lovely! i love the twinkly lights!

Keri~Native Moss said...

Oh my. The details in her home are perfect.
I am inspired again!

Megan said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home! I love the last two pictures especially.

chestnutmocha said...

hahah the birds are awesome!

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